Body, soul and Spirit

1 Thessalonians 5:23-24

Our Father in heaven, you’re  worthy O God – worthy of all praise, honor and glory both in heaven and on earth. Please grant me the mind of Christ so that my body may be a temple of the Spirit of holiness which is His.
May you make me holy through and through. Please grant that my whole Spirit, soul, and body, the whole of my being and essence, would be kept blameless by your power at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ so that I may be vindicated on the merit oc Christ before you since I have nothing of myself.

It is my trust that you to do this because you are the one who has called me, and you are faithful. Your in your Word you have promised that you will do it! By the authority of Jesus and in his name I ask for this growth in grace, knowlege and godliness. Amen.


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