But if we keep living in the light as he himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. (1Jn 1:3, 7 ISV)


God Himself is light – holy and righteous. We as the children of the light are to walk in the light in which we have been conveyed. This means that we walk in absolute sincerity and honesty in love, in speech, in action and in every manner so that we have nothing to conceal. What we do in our privacy is the same thing we would do in our rooftops.

You notice that walking in darkness completely hinders our fellowship with God and so walking in the light enhances the fellowship with God since we can only walk in the in which the Lord has places us so that we enjoy fellowship with God. This further then would be the basis of our fellowship with one another. There can be no much fellowship with other people where there is no fellowship with God.

The second result of living in light is that we are cleansed from all our sin. When we have the honesty and transparency described in terms of light, and seen as we seek to confess our sins constantly, sometimes to one another constantly (James 5:16) then the effect would be that we would be cleansed from all sin.

We bear in mind that even Christians commit sin and therefore the need for sanctification by the Spirit outworked here in the confessing of sins to God and to one another. This is why we are to carefully nurture this fellowship by not hiding sin in our hearts. We should do anything possible to deal with sin asap with any unnecessary delay. Sin becomes harder to confess when it has been held for a longer period.

But then we realize that it is in the context of where we do not harbor anything against our brethren that mutual and rich close fellowship would be born and nurtured. What is the role of men in nurturing fellowship?

Our fellowship with another is manifested in: Corporate , public worship

  1. What is our duty in family devotions? 1 Timothy 3:4-5
  2. What should be our preparation for the Sunday worship?
  3. What is our roles to assemble a prayer meeting/ home fellowship?


Informal Private fellowship

When we meet we are to seek to encourage one another in spiritual talk. To visit one another regularly and do (practically giving to the needs of others).

In personal, practical care

What we say – how we should encourage one another (2Tim. 1:16-18), instruct one another (Acts 24-28), Reprove one another (Gal 2:11), Pray for one another (Phil. 1:4), Share our experiences with one another (Rom. 12:13)

How can we improve on personal fellowship with one another? How do we make home-cells that men can lead and seek to make sure that Christians grow?

What would you want in home-cell fellowship that you are not getting now? Why is that we are so weak in mid-week fellowships when there are so many ways we can fellowship? What hinders our love for one another? What are some of the things that you think are necessary for us to increase in this aspect of growth? You realize that as a result the church would grow further because although in fellowship people are to grow and be nurtured, fellowship meetings are also avenues for people to grow.



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