How to prepare an expository sermon:


  1. Identify & open the passage and read it
  2. Pray for your personal understanding, illumination of the Spirit
  3. Read the passage thoroughly in its context (reading both the material before it and the one after it). Study it looking at each of the words – what they say and what they do not say. Consider the grammar – is it singular or plural? What tense is it in? etc.
  4. Read the commentaries (Listen to what the Lord has revealed to others on the same)*
  5. Make notes
  6. Make an outline
  7. Ask questions to do with the passage
  8. Ask questions that relate to people in relation to the matters addressed by the passage (How does this relate to the hearers now?)
  9. Ask question of how the passage may be implemented. (What does the Lord require the hearers to do, not to do, believe, change, improve, understand, etc)
  10. Pray for the understanding of your hearers, for attention, Spirit of God to move them to obedience,
  11. Pray for the delivery of the sermon – with clarity, simplicity, profundity, fruit in salvation


* Much carefulness is needed in choosing good commentaries

 You need to meditate on a passage before you preach it so that you may be not only familiar with it but also have applied it on yourself.


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